Extreme 12′ x 15′ Max Air

Announcing the newest member of our trampoline family, the 12′ x 15′ Max Air.

Super Fun provides a Six (6) Year Warranty on this Trampoline.

Introductory Pricing! Offer Won’t Last. Call 1-800-663-2261 Today!!


You’ll get the height you need and a little extra landing space with this trampoline designed for perfecting somersaults and board tricks.


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Announcing the newest member of our trampoline family, the 12′ x 15′ Max Air.

Designed for those smaller back yards, the premium quality built Max Air will nicely tuck into the corner of your yard while maintaining a large jumping surface of 116 sq/ft! Performance wise, the name says it all. With minimal effort you will soar higher than you thought possible. Contact us today for more information!

  • Heavy-duty American Made 09 gauge galvanized steel frame that will never bend, break, or rust and a structural capacity of 1500 lbs – we guarantee it with a lifetime warranty!
  • The Frame is constructed with a total of just 12 pieces maximizing strength and ease of assembly.
  • The jumping mat is tested up to 440 pounds.
  • 116 square feet of jumping space.
  • 136 x American made 9″ rustproof galvanized steel springs – 6 year warranty.
  • Heavy-duty Non-Slip mesh Jumping Mat for Superior Bounce-Ability.
  • Safety Pads feature industry best PVDF Vinyl Material to handle the harshest of climates! – 6 year Warranty!
  • Extra large foam padding 17″ wide and 1¼” thick completely covers springs and frame.
  • Heavy duty mesh on the underside vents the pads and prevents them from becoming waterlogged from rain and snow.
  • Easy to assemble with instructions included and live telephone support.

1 review for Extreme 12′ x 15′ Max Air

  1. 5 out of 5

    We bought this at the beginning of Summer 2016 for our kids and they absolutely adore it. They are on the trampoline most of the summer and they even poured water on the mat to make it a lot more fun when they jumped. We have never seen them laugh so much with glee. Truth be known, we even tried it out ourselves and love it! Raymond K. – Minneapolis, USA.

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BounceBoard Skis

Looking for a great way to enhance your tricks? Bounceboard® Skis are a perfect way to enhance your trampoline experience.

A perfect way to make your experience on the trampoline even more fun!

These are only available to our US customers at this time. For Canadian customers, please call our office at 1-800-633-2261 for possible availability. - For More Information, please click here.

Super Fun Trampoline - BounceBoard Skis

Super Fun Trampoline - BounceBoard


Looking for a great way to enhance your tricks? A Bounceboard® is perfect for practicing skateboard, snowboard and wakeboard tricks on your trampoline!

The Bounceboard® is made from closed cell foam that is strong, flexible and shock-absorbent. This is the only board that won’t rip your mat. Waterproof & buoyant, you can even use your Bounceboard® on the 13′ Big Wave with water.

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Voda Snowboard

The Voda Push Snowboard is the boarder’s ultimate training tool. Its flexible design is trampoline safe while giving the stability needed for realistic training.

The N3 foam core deflects in the bounce then quickly snaps back to help lift off. The snowboard tips flex, making them forgiving in poor landings. Adjustable bindings cinch on quick and hold tight. It’s the safest way to push the limits and develop new tricks. A great training tool for in and off season training.

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Super Fun Trampoline - Voda Snowboard

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