In this video, Paul compares the benefits of Super Fun Trampolines over some competitor’s trampolines, including the difference in the horizontal and vertical leg frames and the advantages of having a Super Fun Trampoline frame.

The springs differ from normal springs in that the Super Fun Springs, which are made of a tougher metal which gives you a better longer bounce and much more air, as it retains a lot more energy.

We have heard of customers still using these after 20 years of use.

Why Super Fun?  Our warranty is NOT pro-rated. Our policy is to replace any component covered by warranty with a new component at no cost to you if it is defective or becomes damaged (other than by obvious abuse or vandalism) at any time during the full term of the warranty.

Please Be Advised! Many trampoline manufacturers compare their products with other competitor’s but they never compare against Super Fun Trampolines. Is it because they know a Super Fun Trampoline is the superior product?

Padding Designed for Safety – Super-Fun Safety Pads are constructed with two layers of “closed cell” foam up to 20″ wide for more protection over the frame and springs. Super-Fun’s green Vinyl is a PVDF 20 oz vinyl that protection, resistance to algae, fungi and cracking, and extending lifespan. It also includes properties for easier cleaning and handling. A heavy duty mesh on the underside prevents the padding from becoming waterlogged.

If you still have questions, just give us a call. We will be proud to tell you exactly how Super-Fun trampolines are made.

Super-Fun Trampolines provide the BEST VALUE.

Why Super Fun Trampolines

Our Trampoline Frames are Thicker, Stronger! What should the quality, durability and longevity of a trampoline frame be? What about thickness and strength of the metal used? How about the warranty on the frame?

A quality trampoline should be able to stand on end without bending or bowing. Super Fun Trampolines use stronger and thicker metal for their frames and are tested to support 440 lbs! Our frames are made up from premium quality U.S.A made galvanized steel – 12 gauge on our Round Trampolines and heavier 9 gauge on our Square & Rectangular Trampolines.   This compares with our competitor models who only use 14 gauge metal or thinner. (The smaller the number the thicker the gauge.) Our frames meet and exceed ASTM International standards, a materials standard organization recognized by manufacturers and developers worldwide.

Super Fun Trampoline frames come with a lifetime warranty!

Super Fun Trampoline Frames

Super-Fun Trampolines are made with the highest quality trampoline fabric available. Except for our Big Wave mat, which is a 20oz vinyl mat specifically designed to hold water, our trampolines are all made with anti-slip Permatron® criss-cross weave non-calendared polypropylene.

Both the mat fabric and the thread used to stitch the edges and the spring connectors are UV-resistant to maintain strength, and our spring connectors are metal triangles with 8 rows of stitching.

Super Fun Trampoline Top Quality Jumping Mats