Jumping Mats (Round)

Jumping Mats (Round)

Jumping mats can be ordered by providing your mat measurements.


Measuring instructions are below in the “Description”

Super Fun provides a Two (2) Year Warranty on these Mats.


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Trampoline Jumping Mat Measurements - Round

Measuring Instructions:

To order a replacement mat for a round trampoline, you will need to take three measurements.

  • Following the grain of your mat, measure from the outside of one triangle to the outside of the opposite triangle.
  • Repeat Step 1 following the other grain direction.
  • Count the total number of triangles around the edge of your mat.

Please measure carefully and double check your counting. Once we have cut the mat, your order cannot be changed. Enter the measurements for your trampoline above to order a custom mat for your trampoline.


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