Super Fun Trampolines Promote Fun and Safe Physical Activity | Trampoline Extreme Series for Sale, Washington

Stuck indoors during quarantine and not sure how to pass the time? Get a backyard trampoline and have the time of your life!

In this case, a good trampoline should count as both a serious physical exercise and a casual, fun activity to do with your family.

We’re Super Fun Trampolines based in Washington and we offer the trampoline Extreme Series for sale. We’ve been dedicated to the safety, quality, and value of our products since 1981 and have some great reasons why you should give our trampolines a chance.

Make your summer an absolute blast with our tramspolines and trampoline accessories for sale in the United States. Here, we’ll provide a quick introduction of who we are and some details on our products and their safety.


Who We Are

Our team at Super Fun has been making high-quality trampolines for the North American market since 1981. For as long as we’ve been in the trampoline game, our reputation speaks for itself. We have shown superiority and experience over the use of raw materials and craftsmanship into every one of our products.

Our experience and expertise in manufacturing trampolines for people can’t be matched by our competitors. You’ll be able to recognize and appreciate the exceptional quality and service we provide for all our clients.

We’ll always provide you with recommendations and sales policies that work to your benefit and your best interests. If your trampoline can be repaired, we’ll let you know. If one trampoline is better for you than the other, we will recommend that and not upscale you to a larger one.


Have the Best Summer Ever With a Super Fun Trampoline

We specialize in making and distributing trampolines, as well as accompanying accessories to enhance your experience. All our Super Fun trampolines have a six-year warranty on them, so you can be assured of coverage after your purchase.

The average lifespan of our trampoline is about 15+ years, so it can last a while after you’ve purchased one. It’ll be a good investment as 10-20 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. You’ll be providing family and friends a safe, fun time as well as some good exercise.

One of our signature products is the Extreme Series 14’ XT, which is one of three of our expansive Extreme series trampolines. You’ll be able to get a fun, calorie-burning workout that will help you build some muscle when you use it.

If you want any accessories or jumping mats for your trampolines, we have you covered. If you want to do cool tricks in the air, we can provide you with special BounceBoard Skis or a Voda Snowboard.

To keep your trampoline clean or if you need to hold water on it, we also sell Jumping Mats that can make this easier. These mats are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your trampoline.


How Do I Use My Trampoline Safely?

As with every product, safety can be an issue for many people. We want to ensure that we provide viable options to keep your trampoline fun and safe for everyone.

In terms of accessories, we have several rectangular and round safety nets available to add to if you want to encase the jumping space. We also have safety pads in various sizes that will provide extra safety coverage and UV ray protection.

Moreover, our trampoline springs differ from normal springs because they are made of a tougher metal, giving you better and longer bounces and more safety. We have a variety of sizes to use for every trampoline.

Additionally, we also provide repairs for trampoline holes and mat refurbishing. Keeping your trampoline clean is one thing, but maintaining the safety and quality of it is our utmost priority.


Make Your Summer a Blast With a New Trampoline!

Sure, gaming and watching your favorite show is fun – but we can guarantee you that our trampolines will give you an absolute thrill this summer. Our main goal is to build and maintain trust in our products and service, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident in asking us about recommendations, questions, and concerns.

Get your trampoline right now! Visit our products list for more information or use our handy contact form to reach us.

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