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Winter approaching can feel sad for many especially people that love their trampoline. Bit actually just because there’s snow outside doesn’t mean its time to pack it up! Extra safety steps might need to be taken according to your cities weather and how much snow you get or how col it becomes but keeping your trampoline out during winter or going out to buy a 16’ trampoline can be great exercise and fun if done right. 

Safety is our top priority providing trampoline hole repairs, and various accessories for your trampoline to make it a safe and fun experience for anyone from kids to adults. If you buy a rectangle trampoline safety net you can feel comfortable and secure no matter how high the jumps.

You Can Jump on Your Trampoline in the Winter?

This can heavily depend on your location, if your area experiences heavy snowfall it can be best to keep it inside while others in more hot areas can use it without ever experiencing snow even during the peak of winter in December. Use your best judgement, heavy snowfall can weigh down your trampoline and ruin it while strong winds can blow it around your yard.

For anyone with a more moderate winter climate or warmer, you may not need to store away your trampoline. Cold by itself does not typically damage a trampoline, the biggest this to a trampoline is moisture, rain and snow, and any high winds that could fling it around.

Winter Trampoline Care

By just spending a bit of time preparing your trampoline for the coming season you can avoid some of the headaches. First, it’s best to remove frame pads when it’s not in use. Removing them will stop any damage from rain or snow. 

If snow build up the weight can damage the trampoline. So after a snowy night, you can take a broom to it and sweep off the snow. Using a shovel is very ineffective and a snowblower can damage the trampoline if it emits any heat. Also, a weather cover is best when the trampoline is not in use, but be careful; a cover can trap moisture on the trampoline. If you invest in a cover, make sure to take it off regularly to let your trampoline dry and breathe a bit. 

If the wind is your worry more than show then trampoline anchors are perfect. They help to firmly plant the trampoline to the ground and keep it from being blown around when the winds kick up. They are typically a good investment for year-round not just winter as well.

Quick Tips for Jumping During Winter

First and foremost, check the weather and temperature. There’s nothing worse than having fun in the snow and ending up slipping because the trampoline is wet and getting yourself or your kids injured. Jumping when it is snowing is not really recommended and, of course, inspecting the surface of the trampoline for any ice or snow and removing it is best. 

Avoid any loose clothing too, of course bunding up for winter is important especially for kids, but things such as scarfs can get loose while jumping and become a hazard quickly. Wearing tighter clothing is best and making sure all jackets and zippers are done up. Some winter boots, especially ones with ice groping, can be terrible for the trampoline as well. The rough soles can easily damage the surface. 

Ready for Some Winter Fun? We Have Some Great Winter-Safe Backyard Trampolines For Sale

Don’t let your backyard trampoline go to waste, get ready for the colder months to come and have a fun safe time! We pride ourselves on safety and top quality trampolines and accessories to have you confident and secure no matter the temperature.

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