How to Make Your Trampoline Super Safe For Kids | Buy Bounce Board for Trampoline, USA

Since we’re all stuck indoors, what better way to spend the time than with a high-quality trampoline! This is an especially fun activity for the kids, gets them outdoors, and keeps them happy (and exercised)! And hey, it’s also a perfectly fun outdoor sport for adults!

Super Fun Trampolines, much like our name suggests, is dedicated to making sure you and your family get a great workout while having the time of your life. 

Of course, safety is a big priority. In this article, we cover simple safety measures you can take to accident-proof your trampoline, and as a special bonus, we also reveal one of the best backyard trampolines for sale in the USA

If you’re looking to buy a bounceboard for your trampoline in the USA, we’ve got your covered. Our eclectic inventory has tons of exciting trampolines, bounceboards and bounceboard skis, safety nets, jumping mats, safety pads, trampoline springs and more! We also undertake trampoline hole repairs and mat refurbishing. 

It’s your one-stop shop to getting your hands on your dream trampoline and fitting it with every accessory under the sun. 


Our Best Seller – The 16’ Mega Bounce Trampoline

This offers plenty of room for your kids to play safely and is super easy to assemble. Priced very affordably, the 16’ Mega Bounce trampoline comes with a 6 Year Warranty on all parts. 



– Made with a heavy-duty 12 gauge galvanized steel frame that does not bend, break or rust easily and can withstand even the harshest of elements. 

– To make it easier to assemble, the frame comes with just 8 components, all of which have amazing structural capacity. 

– The jumping mat has been field-tested to be able to maintain its integrity for up to 440 pounds. 

– There is 135 square feet of jumping space 

– The safety pads offer superior UV protection which allows for a longer lifecycle and super easy cleaning. 


Trampoline BounceBoards for Sale, USA

Want to work on your trampoline tricks? A Bounceboard® is perfect for practicing skateboard, snowboard and wakeboard tricks.

The Bounceboard® is made from closed cell foam that is strong, flexible and shock-absorbent. This is the only board that won’t rip your mat.


Simple Trampoline Safety Measures

To make sure playtime isn’t interrupted by accidents, here are a few safety measures that we strongly recommend you follow;

– Adult supervision is important from the edge of the trampoline while the kids are playing on it.

– Encourage kids to slide off the edge of the trampoline when getting off, instead of jumping off it. 

– Make sure your trampoline is completely dry before allowing anyone to play on it. 

– Place your trampoline in a flat area that’s at a distance from trees, fences, hedges and other potentially harmful fixtures. If placed on asphalt or concrete, buy a crash mat or safety pad to allow for shock absorption from the jumping. 

– There should be a safe landing area of at least 7 feet around your trampoline, to accommodate accidents. 

– Always make sure the trampoline is within viewing distance of the house, esp. if you aren’t supervising your kids by the trampoline.


Trampoline Safety Accessories

To make your product even safer, we offer a range of accessories that can be easily fitted to the existing frame. 


Trampoline Safety Net (Square and Round)

A thick woven polypropylene mesh that keeps your jumpers safely inside the trampoline and gives them plenty of room without any fear of injury. 


Trampoline Safety Pads

These safety pads fully cover the springs and the frame, to make sure to expose springs hurt your jumpers. 

The 16’ Mega Bounce jumping mat has an criss-cross anti-slip weave with UV-resistant stitching. It comes with a 2-year warranty – and makes playtime completely safe for the kids. 


Amazing Backyard Trampolines for Sale, USA

Have a Fun (and Safe) Time!

Sure, gaming and watching your favorite show is fun – but we can guarantee you that our trampolines will give you an absolute thrill this summer. Our main goal is to build and maintain trust in our products and service, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident in asking us about recommendations, questions, and concerns.

Ask us about our best-seller: the 16’ mega Bounce Trampoline!

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