How Do I “Winterize” My Trampoline? (Cleaning, Safety Accessories, Anchoring) | Backyard Trampolines for Sale

If you are looking to get your trampoline winter prepped and ready you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to pack it away for the winter with just a couple of tips and tricks so you can use your trampoline year-round! Keeping your trampoline out during winter or treating yourself and going out to buy a 16’ trampoline can provide your family and friends with exercise and fun.

Safety during winter and all throughout the year is our biggest concern, that’s why we provide trampoline hole repairs, to get you confidently back on your trampoline in no time at all. Find the perfect backyard trampolines for sale whether you are in the US or anywhere else in the world and enjoy jumping into winter with these winterizing tips!

Tips to start winterizing your trampoline

Not everyone gets to live in a warm climate year-round and depending on how cold, windy, and snowy, your area can get you might consider dismantling your trampoline and packing it up and away for the season. But wait- most trampolines are made to be quite hardy and durable so with just a couple steps you can keep it clear of snow and ice and stop it from blowing over or running away from you. 

First, remove the frame mats and store them inside in a cry and clean space when the trampoline is not in use. This will stop any damage from snow plus it gives you the chance to clean them off of any residue from summer and fall. 

If your area is prone to snow its best to stay on top of it, removing it before it piles up and weighs down, thus wearing down, your trampoline. A broom is best for this.  Weather covers are a great idea when the trampoline is not in use, but careful; if the cover is loose it can trap in moisture and hurt the trampoline. If you use a cover, and not just for during winter, make sure to take it off periodically and let your trampoline breathe a bit. 

Trampoline wind worries?

Wind can seriously pick up and you don’t want your trampoline picked up with it too. Luckily trampoline anchors are readily available. These are a great investment all year long if you live in an area with severe winds.

By getting anchor kits you can keep your trampoline safe but also your home and neighbours, it’s not unheard of that when a trampoline gets caught up in wind it winds up hitting against your house, garage, or worse; hitting someone.

Tips for safe jumping during winter

Now that your trampoline is ready you need to make sure you are ready too. It’s recommended to avoid jumping when the weather gest rough with high winds or snowfall that can make the surface slippery. Additionally, you should pay attention to the clothes you wear while jumping. Bundling up to go outside and to jump can be a bit different.

Make sure all jackets and zippers are done up and avoid loose clothing like scarfs that can easily come free and cause an accident. Boots made for walking on ice can be really harsh on the surface of the trampoline too, the rough soles will damage the trampoline quickly.

Want a jump start on winterizing with confidence? 

Stop putting your trampoline away and start enjoying the season! With the right attention to winterizing and some accessories to keep you feeling secure, you can have a fun and safe time! We work to successfully provide safe top quality trampolines and accessories so you can bring out the best in your backyard no matter the temperature.

If you’re interested in getting a trampoline after hearing about us or just want some simple repairs, call our offices at 1-800-663-2261 or email us at Feel free to also use our handy contact form to leave us any thoughts, questions, or concerns. 

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