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Does Your Trampoline Need a Net Enclosure? The Breakdown | Buy Round Trampoline Safety Net Today

Super-Fun Offers Dependable Backyard Trampolines For Sale

A trampoline net ensures that you and your family’s safety is equally important as the sky-high bounces produced. Whether you are purchasing a trampoline net for the first time or replacing an existing one, Super-Fun Trampolines will guide you in finding the right net for your specific trampoline.

We manufacture specialty crafted backyard trampolines for sale combined with the unparalleled customer service that has accompanied us since 1981. Having fun is understood in all languages and that is why we serve our loyal customers across the US, Canada and across the globe.

How Do I Choose the Right Net For My Trampoline?

When you buy a round trampoline safety net, you are ensuring that all your jumpers maintain safely bouncing. We produce all of our nets from thick woven polypropylene mesh that decreases the risk of injury and increases the fun factor! Investing in a trampoline safety net decreases the risk of injury by 50% as it prevents jumpers from falling off and stopping them from hitting the metal frame.

 So what qualities should you consider in choosing an appropriate net for your trampoline?

Measuring Your Trampoline’s Frame: You will have to take two measurements to approximate the size of your net that consists of measuring from one side of the frame to the other. Simply put, measure the first diameter from 3 to 9 o’clock and the second from 6 to 12 o’clock. 

Pinpoint the Poles: Different trampolines have different safety poles. Whether they are arched, straight or curved, Super-Fun can help you identify them properly so your trampoline can be properly netted.

Counting Your Tramponline’s Arches: After counting your trampoline’s arches or poles, you have to determine how your net will be attached by visibly checking if the net will be secured through inner or outer portions. An inner portion connection has the spring pad surrounding the net while your outer portion connection sits on the outside of the netting. 

Super-Fun Is Experienced in All-Around Trampoline Safety

We understand that a dependable trampoline net can make a vast safety difference, but we are also experienced in other protocols that enhance your overall trampoline experience. 

We specialize in trampoline hole repairs that can potentially injure the jumpers if not dealt with immediately. If you notice that your mat is deteriorating from the wear and tear and has small holes that can augment further, Super-Fun will fix them immediately. We are also experts in restitching edges when your material is starting to become loose. 

Our round, square or rectangle jumping mats provide a custom detail to your trampoline that extends the lifespan of your product. You can ensure proper utilization of your trampoline by proactively repairing your product and maximizing its effectiveness.

Super-Fun understands that some problems can be easily resolved through proper craftsmanship instead of investing in a new trampoline. We value our customers and their safety as we continue to progress our services and products. 

Your Fun Safety Is Our Business

Super-Fun is committed to producing high-quality trampolines that translate into an enjoyable pastime for the whole family. We value all of our customers as we are here to answer all your trampoline questions with a welcoming smile.

We have taken the time to review and manufacture leading industry nets and enclosures so that the safety of your family is never compromised. We offer cost-effective round and rectangle nets that follow regulations and safety protocols so that our customers around the world remain happy and protected.

Bounce your way into a safe and exciting trampoline experience with us by contacting us at

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