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Safety Tips

Set Up

  • Assemble the trampoline (and safety net if applicable) according to the instructions provided. If you have any questions or difficulty, call our toll free number for assistance – 1-800-663-2261.
  • Set the frame on level ground in an area that has no protrusions like large rocks, no overhead
    obstructions, and no obstacles within 3 metres of the frame in all directions.
  • Do not attempt to enclose the area under the jumping mat.
  • NEVER leave a ladder, chair or other item near the trampoline that would enable a child to climb onto the trampoline without supervision.

Before Each Use

  • Ensure that padding is properly fixed in place.
  • Inspect for any damage.
  • Ensure that nothing has been placed under the trampoline.
  • Ensure that tree branches have not grown into the area above the trampoline within 6 metres of the mat.

Before Getting On

  • Wear appropriate clothing – loose enough to move comfortably but without dangling fabric or ties that
    you could get caught up in.
  • Remove all jewelry.
  • Empty pockets.
  • Do not allow anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs (even prescription medication) on or near the trampoline.
  • Ensure there is adult supervision for children.
  • Children under the age of 6 should not use a full-size trampoline.
  • Do not bounce if you are pregnant.
  • Check with your doctor before jumping if you have any medical conditions.

During Use

  • Never allow more than one person on the trampoline at a time.
  • Never jump on to or off of the trampoline from another surface.
  • Keep your bouncing low and under control.
  • Consistently land in the center of the trampoline.
  • Never attempt flips, stunts or tricks.
  • Do not attempt back flips, somersaults or twisting somersaults.
  • Respect your physical limitations; avoid bouncing for long periods of time and stop if you get short of breath or feel tired.

Now go! Jump! Have fun!