Frequently Asked Questions

Super Fun Trampolines will ship your trampoline to you free of charge to the nearest shipping depot, to be held for pick up by the customer. If you would like the trampoline shipped directly to your residence, we can provide an estimate for the freight charges.

All replacement parts are subject to additional freight charges.

The ‘Springfree’ trampoline has emerged with different technology to spark up some debate towards the spring trampoline. The springless method is composed of bungee cords and fiberglass composite rods, while thick elastic bands are used instead of traditional coil springs found in a spring trampoline.

Spring trampolines are composed of steel, fiberglass or galvanized wire to produce quality performance and bounce.

The Spring trampoline requires more force to generate a good return bounce because the fiberglass rods cannot generate the jumping momentum as well as spring coils. The bounce is better on a Spring trampoline.

A springfree 13’ square trampoline ranges from $2500 to $2800 depending on the company, while a 14’ spring rectangle trampoline from Super Fun Trampolines is $2095, you can even buy a rectangle safety net USA and still be paying less than a stand alone springfree trampoline. 

Just like any other sport, game or toy, there will always be risks involved; the risk of injury remains the same whether you choose a spring or a springfree trampoline. Though both sets of trampolines come with crucial safety features like safety nets and safety pads, the spring option trumps springless because the springless forces the body to twist to create a bouncing momentum, while spring just requires you to jump up and down.

Sprains and bruises can be caused if the jumper does not properly follow trampoline safety precautions including only jumping in the middle of the pad, not removing all jewelry, getting on unsupervised if under 12 years old, jumping onto a trampoline that is missing springs and coils, and wearing baggy clothing that can potentially get caught on springs.

The answer is No. Over the years, trampolines will need to be repaired and refurbished to continue to be secure and dependable. Spring trampoline safety services and products are much more accessible as they include trampoline hole repairs, mat refurbishing, improved springs for each type of trampoline, and safety pads. Springfree trampoline spare parts are also incredibly expensive because there is not a large market for them, so the shipping cost would also be quite steep.

No. But the longer the springs, the lesser the chances of you getting hurt. Any springs shorter than 7 inches causes the abrupt stop that can be detrimental to your joints and spine. Choosing coils that are between 8 and 10 inches ensures that your body absorbs the bounce at a slower tempo, and transferring your energy at a more attainable pace so the risk of injury decreases.

Drumroll please…and the winner is the Spring-Based trampoline. Spring trampolines are better on cost, generate a much higher bounce, cheaper to repair over the years and can support more than 1 jumper at a time. It has been proven that jumping on a spring trampoline is an entertaining way of losing weight, being active and toning your body without feeling like a gruelling workout.