We’re a family-owned company based in Chilliwack, British Columbia, that has been manufacturing high-quality trampolines, trampoline safety pads for sale and other miscellaneous trampoline products since 1980.

At Super Fun, we provide exceptional backyard trampolines for sale   You may buy trampoline accessories from us, and have them shipped anywhere in North America. We also provide trampoline hole repairs for any trampoline product that’s been damaged. 

Our experience and expertise in manufacturing is second to none, and our customers soon come to realize the exceptional quality and service we provide as a company that truly cares about families.

We want to build trust and establish long lasting relationships with all our clients. All our products are crafted with detail and safety in mind.  Super Fun Trampolines are manufactured using high quality, North American domestic material and labor.

No matter what your trampoline needs, we’ve got you covered! Want to buy a bouceboard for your trampoline? No problem! Need quick hole repairs? That’s why we’re here!

With our special trampolines and accessories, we always think of the fun people can have with them. The bonus? All our trampolines come with a 6 year warranty.

Our bestseller is the 16′ Mega Bounce. It has 27% more jumping surface than the 14′ Super Bounce trampoline and is slightly smaller than our 16½ foot Big Air, making it the best mid-size choice. Super Fun provides a 6 Year Warranty on this Trampoline.

Buy the 16’ Mega Bounce Trampoline

All our trampolines are designed to be safe for general use. Our springs are bigger, thicker, and more durable than other products and we have various safety pads and safety nets (for both rectangular and circular frames) that you can install. 

Trampoline safety pads for sale. Check them out here. 

Before buying a trampoline, we recommend to always make sure you have the space available to put them in. Other factors to consider include deciding the jumping surface area and additional safety measures, such as extra netting, stronger springs.

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The high performance trampolines in our Extreme Series are designed to help you learn somersaults and air tricks while jumping in midair. They have a little extra landing space to ensure your safety as well as safety nets that can be installed separately.

Absolutely! We provide trampoline hole repairs and mat refurbishing on a variety of surfaces. Our prices for these services are always fair and reasonable.  We do not recommend attempting to repair very large holes.

To have your mat repaired, take your mat off your frame, roll it as tightly as you can, and pack it in a box. Ship your mat to the address we supply when you order the repairs. We will repair your mat and return it to you in 2 to 3 weeks. 

Depending on the size of the mat, it can range from $295 to $550.

In addition to our safety nets, we also provide the best BounceBoard accessories for your trampoline. You can use these boards to perform better tricks and acrobatics in the air while jumping. 

When installing your trampoline, make sure it is placed on stable and level ground.

Additionally, keep it away from nearby swimming pools, ponds, patios, trees and roofs to avoid accidents.

Lastly, we recommend having the trampoline within the sight of your house, so you can easily supervise those who are using it.