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Buying guide

All Super-Fun trampoline models are made with the same high quality components and offer the same warranty: 6 years on mats, padding, and springs; and for the lifetime of the original owner for the frame.

Choose the shape of your trampoline based on who the jumpers will be most of the time:


  • Guides jumpers back to the center of the mat
  • Best for younger children, less coordinated, less experienced jumpers
  • Safety nets available for 14' Super Bounce and 16' Mega Bounce.


  • More bounce than round
  • Great for teens and adults
  • Better than round for jumpers over 150 lbs.


  • Highest bounce
  • Best for experienced jumpers, gymnasts
  • Best for jumpers over 250 lbs.

Choose the largest size of trampolines that will fit with these criteria:

  • The ground on which the frame sits should be level.
  • There should be no overhead obstructions such as telephone lines or tree branches for at least 6 metres above the mat.
  • There should be no ground level obstacles below the mat.
  • There should be no ground level obstacles within 3 metres of the frame in all directions.

Happy jumping!

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