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Super-Fun Trampolines have been providing happy customers with quality trampolines for over 30 years.

Trampolines are a great way to exercise, entertain friends, enjoy being outside and most important, have fun! They are great for people of all ages including teens & adults.

Super-Fun Trampolines will last throughout your children's adolescence. They keep their strength and bounce, making it great fun for your teens and their friends.

Our customers love our trampolines. Unlike the lower quality brands, Super-Fun Trampolines offer an unsurpassed quality and warranty, which means better performance over a longer period of time! Improve your quality of life by keeping active and fit!

An inexpensive box store trampoline, made offshore will last 3 to 4 years and are made for children up to 9 years old. A Super-Fun trampoline is made for children, adolescences and adults and the average Super-Fun trampoline will last more than 12 to 15 years.

A Super-Fun trampoline is a low cost investment into the future and health benefits of your young and teenaged children, it is a way to get your children off the couch or computer and let them workup a sweat socializing with friends.

Wondering how to really compare two different trampolines? There is a simple solution. Check the warranty. Super-Fun trampoline mats, springs, and safety pads are fully warranted for 6 years, and our frames are warranted for life!

Tough, heavy, durable Trampolines are High Performance Trampolines.
Imagine your teens, outside, having fun and staying healthy.

Your new Trampoline will entice you out of your house and keep you and your kids occupied for hours!

Super-Fun Trampolines are Satisfying! According to CV Market Research Inc., over 93% of Super-Fun Trampoline owners would recommend them to their friends.

Trampolining is an official Olympic sport!

Prevent Obesity & Related Health Problems by Trampoline Exercise!

By 2010 almost 50% of young people in North America are estimated to be overweight.

But people with trampolines provide their children with more opportunities to disown the livingroom couch and own the health benefits & fun that come from owning a trampoline!

Jumping on a trampoline has got to be the funnest way to improve muscle tone and loss weight.

Trampolining is exercise in disguise!

Does your child need to expel some extra energy? Do you feel the need to incorporate more physical activities in your child's life? Super-Fun Trampolines can help you with that! A one time purchase that requires no special gear, fits in your time schedule and is located right at your own home is proven to be more beneficial than many other forms of exercise.

Tested to 440 lbs for product development and endurance testing, our trampolines are more durable and far exceed the quality of other trampolines. With Super Fun, quality and safety go hand-in-hand. Please remember to follow our safety guidelines.

  • Our trampolines are built to Last longer, Perform Better, Play Safer and Withstand More Punishment
  • Safety Nets, Tents, Basketball Hoops and Practice Boards.
  • Didn't buy Super Fun? It's ok we have Parts.
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